This morning we decided on a spontaneous trip to Baker Beach with our two-year-old son.

August 28th, 2016, 5pm

It was overcast, but we were itching to get out of the house for a little bit of nature and family time. The moment we set foot on the beach we created memories for a lifetime. The sun broke through the thick layer of clouds. This morning reminded me what it is like to be a kid again.

With shovels in his hands, Aadi ran down the beach. He was stumbling and falling into the sand. He rolled over with a big smile on his face. The sand was sticking to his sunscreen covered face.

Rolling Fun

We spread out the blanket and enjoyed the scenery. People were passing by us. Dogs were chasing birds near the water. The Golden Gate Bridge was standing firmly behind us. Aadi sat in the soft, warm sand. His scooper and shovels spread across his small work area. Digging deep holes, pouring sand from the shovels into his scooper and back onto the beach.

Aadi playing at Baker Beach

Time slowed down for a few hours as we enjoyed watching our two-year-old son enjoy the simple pleasure of playing in the sand. It was a brief visit, but it’s important to have these small moments of nature and family time to replenish from a busy life. Life is precious.

David Wade and Emanuel said thanks.

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Kai Gradert

Father, designer, photographer, dreamer, traveler.

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