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March 21st, 2014, 6am

It was 7°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

That Beach Boys song is right you know.

This is by far my favourite spot in my house. By the bookshelves in my bedroom. It’s safe to say that I have slight obsession with books. Whenever my pay check would come in more books would be bought. Now that I’m not working I have created a list as large as my house of books that I want or as with all obsessions need to read.

So what once looked like an orderly bookcase with books arranged alphabetically in neat little rows has now become a jumbled mess with books stacked on books. Spaces that weren’t previously used for storage (i.e. the floor) are now “artfully” 1strewn with books. Sometimes I forget I have ordered them, so much so that I have to question whether I’m not suffering from some form of short term memory loss.

However I love the fact that in this corner of my room is another world. With a population of characters and a list of places as varied as our own earth. I can travel wherever I want in these books and meet the most inspiring people all from my bed. Who wouldn’t want to travel that way?

  1. I try and tell myself it’s artful and slightly Jean Seberg in A Bout De Souffle however really it’s just me being messy. 

Christine, Paul and Adrian said thanks.

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