A hike through Tahquitz Canyon to a trickling waterfall in the middle of the desert.

April 10th, 2014, 4pm

Go early in the morning to avoid a beating from the hot sun. Stroll leisurely along the dusty trail through the Cahuilla Indian canyon and discover some of their history. Stop to study the faded rock paintings dated over a thousand years ago, which are now nothing more than indistinguishable red smears of pigment on the boulders. Legend has it this is the home of the Native American spirit Tahquitz, the guardian of all shamans, who turned to the dark side and used his power for selfish reasons which resulted in him being banished to this canyon forever. You can almost feel his presence in the contrasts of the land when you finally reach the base of the thirty-foot-high waterfall. This is now a place of balance; where good and bad meet in peace. And where you can leave your cares behind with the water and return refreshed and renewed.

Christine and Ken said thanks.

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