Some People Just Don't Respect Privacy...

October 8th, 2015, 10am

It was 18.3°C with few clouds. The wind was light.

I mean HONESTLY… HOW ON EARTH DID SHE FIND THIS? Joy, this is the last time you are going mucking around in my stuff without my permission. Yes, you may write on here occasionally WITH MY PERMISSION and you may only post WITH MY PERMISSION. And you’re about as rebellious as a cardboard box, so no need to show off there, Sunshine. It’s a totally different story with Anger though. One minute you tell him not to do something, the next he just goes and does it. Like today, with my phone. He ‘accidently’ sent a selfie on my Instagram. (of himself, not of me. It would have been terrible if he’d sent one of my selfies. Especially the one with the whole row of green memory orbs. That was quite the accomplishment and I needed to save a picture.. but I was having a really bad hair day. I mean I looked like a LION who’d just got out of bed…it was terrible. He doesn’t know. He’s not got hair. Maybe he did before but he just burned it off. He would have been a redhead!!! LOL!!! Well, people do say that pink doesn’t work with redheads, so that would be a bit of a downer for him then wouldn’t it :P) I have so many random followers and now they probably think I’m mental. I’ve got a picture of that STUPID BRICK on my Instagram, and it has just RUINED my whole collection of beautiful selfies. I just had a mega rage at him. And him, me. I screamed at him for like half an hour, after which he screamed at me for another half an hour while blowing up like a smelly red blowtorch. Joy told us that we were making Riley moody. I’m still REALLY ticked off at Anger now. Sending a picture of himself making a duck face onto my professional Instagram? The cheek.

Emmy and Elizabeth said thanks.

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