January 1st 1990. My brother, Tom is in blue.

January 1st, 1990, 10am

My entire archive will comprise two posts.

I discovered Hi.co thanks to John Gruber’s praise for Craig Mod’s writing. Would that I had more time to explore and add to the site. The warmth and clarity of the handful of contributions I read was self evident and immediately welcoming. Spare yet generous. Moments.

Sadly, the group’s demise was announced shortly after I joined. But plans to archive the entire site on sheets of nickel and store them at five locations around the world caught my imagination. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such an endeavour?

Allow me to share a moment of me with my brother, Tom. Seeing the Taj for the first time would be special on any day but to be there on January 1st, 1990 made it doubly so. Cycling through India and Nepal had been tough. Tom, Debbie (at the time his girlfriend, later his wife,) and I had determined to bid the old decade goodbye with a slap up meal at a local restaurant. In the event we were asked to leave for taking too long to order. We wanted to savour the atmosphere; the owners wanted a fast turn over on a busy evening. We retired to our hotel room and New Year’s Eve fizzled out.

A new year dawned. Any residual feelings of disappointment slipped away as we marvelled at the grace of the structure before us. A monument to love.

Tom died in 2014. He and I shared a love of travel and a passion for photography.

So-Shan, Craig and David Wade said thanks.

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William Percy

I teach English to students as young as four and as old as eighty-three.

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