The sorry state of Female Actors

September 9th, 2014, 11am

We have this selective amnesia. When coupled with patriarchal supremacy, it becomes fatal and potent weapon of insult and injury. A national award winning actress was caught in a hotel with a high profile businessman. Media got into the act and maligned this actress and so did the government. She was sent to a remand home keeping her away from family and friends and anyone who could have cajoled her at this time of distress. Wild stories began to fly and the male dominated society – who took out candle light processions and big fight against a rape victim and corruption in Delhi – were the first to have this sadistic pleasure. While the photo of this actress went viral, no one bothered to ask who the businessman who allegedly paid two hundred thousand bucks was.

If a girl caught on the archaic Indian law of ‘Immoral Trafficking” can be a poster to the entire world, what stops the government and media to release the name of the male partner. Where those chauvinists and women oriented organizations?

Female actors in India have very little shelf life. They rotate from region from region to find better pastures. Because the Fair & Lovely Indian audiences are more inclined towards fair skinned girls, south Indian film industry is filled with Punjabi actresses. But the market is tough and they turn pale within two to four films. Unless you have people like Khans to promote them, the actresses become nobody from a cine star overnight.

But to keep the work coming these actors have to spend a lot in their makeup, wardrobes and high profile parties which involves a lot of money. They turn to what Indian law calls as “Immoral Trafficking” when they are left without a dime. In this entire cycle, the male chromosomes remain aloof and isolated from every aspect. They are safe and sound

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