Newspaper rubber bands smudged with black inkFive fit tightly on his wrist Snapping the green firstred, red blueand then the nude.

July 4th, 2014, 7pm

Newspaper rubber bands smudged with black ink. Five fit tightly on his wrist. Snapping the green first red,
blue, and then the nude.

What does he think about? He snaps each waiting 7 seconds. Repetitions of 5 x 7 Thirty-five is 8 Eternity.

I saw his face roughly move toward the window of the wash & dry. Seagulls and crows created a noisy jubilee above families towing red wagons with kids and sandwiches. Small American flags waving in even smaller hands.

I look again, this time with my heart. My eyes are silent now, having sought the answers in sensory. Yet, there is something else there in his flat aching eyes. I follow the lines of deep set wrinkles that extend from the corner of his eyes and down the side of his face. Unusual wrinkles.

My sight accelerates into dimensional vision and I see the small polygon shapes embedded behind his eyes. They glow incandescent. This is the place of his anguish. Implants.

My heart feels the drain of his life. I close my heart seal and offer him a blessing. He carries many attachments to dark energies from years of abuse. I see his genetics reveal Alpha Centauri origins. Strong haunches hold a humanoid form. I see how his ears reveal his lineage. The earlobes hang low and large with a fold.

A small black demon flicks it’s tail from underneath a fringe of filthy hair. He is waiting for this man to smoke cigarettes. It cannot see me, but it knows I am near. It turns blind eyes toward me. I see it moves in this dimension using echolocation like a bat.

One day humans will be free. We will tend to the children on this planet, and they will be Gods with golden blood and bones of star dust. I pray for the liberation of all beings into pure Love and pure Light. May bodhicitta be realized. May all be released from suffering.

Eduardo said thanks.

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Kelly Vivace

Writing about experiences in the mystical realms of super consciousness, meditation, and spirituality.

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