Sunday Morning Chill-Out

March 2nd, 2014, 3pm

It seems to be a pattern: I wake up, make some coffee, and get to work. My boys, ages 9 and 13, eventually migrate to my office space to do their weekend homework. Some blogging, some French verbs, a photo essay: all kinds of things on their agendas. We play some music, chit-chat, and hang. Today, we listened to the CBC news which led into a long conversation about the Ukraine and war and politics. It was a bit heavy so we countered that by baking cookies.

Even though my partner and I are not organized religion types, I do occasionally feel like I am doing my children a cultural disservice by not giving them a religious education. Then I remember that Sunday mornings in my childhood Catholic household were sometimes really miserable affairs — being forced to dress up, fighting with my brothers, sitting through a bo-o-o-ring church service with a frequently undecipherable sermon.

Yeah, I think our Sunday mornings are better.

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Laura Brady

A techie mom negotiating the world.

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