Sushi sandwich (and other fillings favored by 4 year olds)

December 15th, 2014, 5pm

Hi. I was perusing my middle niece’s preschool class folio for the year, given that I’d been gone for most of it, and have a huge interest in their scholarly development. I came across this note (and the misspelt devon) and smiled. A dear friend of mine lives in Sandwich, NH … so we are forever signing off our missives with sandwich fillings of choice. Among our featured sandwiches were the PB&J with DUCK (oh-so-good, discovered in Rockport, ME); His favorite, egg sandwich; and for a good part of the year I was signing off with mozarella filled paninis or True Focaccia from Genova, its birthplace. Not true sandwiches as such, but bread-based lunchtime equivalents all the same.

Seeing sushi on a sandwich made me smile, and realize how sandwiches have evolved, particularly based on place. Is this hybridization to follow in the steps of the ramen burger? (I wonder if sandwiching sushi in slices of sourdough is the answer, as I’m always hungry after sushi)!? The inclusion— and high incidence of vegemite reminded me again where I am. Even if it contains 20 times the recommended daily sodium allowance, it’s still an Aussie staple. (It’s been likened to salty molasses if you’re yet to introduce your palate to the dark spread).

I like mine with cheese.

School’s out in Australia. Lunch boxes are packed away for the next six weeks +/- and I’ll be encouraging the Natural Curiosity over sandwiches with these wonderful nieces of mine, who come up with such pearlers as “does bread grow from bread seeds”?

It could well do, Claudia. It’s great to think of the world again in such a way.

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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