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May 19th, 2014, 11am

It was 16.1°C with scattered clouds. The breeze was gentle.

Very rarely do I lament the alternate realities I might have lived had one moment or another gone differently than it did in my current reality, and rarely do I dwell on the few things I didn’t do when I had the chance. I am pleased to say that pretty much every time I had the opportunity to do crazy things I pretty much did them if possible. Travel to far off places. Moving here and there and into perfectly dreamed apartments and places I couldn’t wait to escape and places that were unexpectedly full of joy. Making friends of so many kinds in so many places. I have few regrets and of that I am very glad. My bucket list is pretty short as I have no desire to do wild crazy shit like jump out of a perfectly well functioning airplane or swim with sharks or see the view from K2 or Everest. I realize that every choice made and every tragedy befallen has gotten me to who and where I am am in this moment and I can be content with that. I can be content with taking the moments of transcendent joy I have experienced and folding them away in my memory and journals to savor at my leisure when I am feeling low and the day is more than I feel I can endure. Happily it rarely happens that I need to pull that treasure box from memory to distract myself. It makes me pretty lucky I suppose, that I have those moments to bring me a smile and a laugh and I have so many to choose from that I am wealthy beyond counting, to be sure.

Chris and Christine said thanks.

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Stephanie Sommers

citizen of the universe, writer, wanderer

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