Some people do wish Happy Good Friday for real

March 28th, 2016, 6pm

Last Friday was Good Friday and I was on my way to Church. A bit late though because Indian Orthodox church, which I belong to, starts its services by 8 and stretches upto almost 4? Originated 2000 years back and founded by by one of the direct disciples of Jesus, Saint Thomas, the Church has a tradition of stretching everything beyond normal. I don’t know how ritually this is right or wrong and I don’t want to enter an argument over its validity. But today, soon after the service, Rice gruel with mango pickles and a raw banana or Plantain dish are be served to all, piping hot. Now this is not a unique and difficult dish to prepare. This was long prepared by the poor in the south Indian state of Kerala. Gradually it made to the menu of star rated hotels.

Some things I always remember about Good Friday. One is non-Christians wishing you Happy Good Friday as they wish Happy Christmas. They have to be told the story of Jesus crucifixion and suddenly they realize their mistake. Not their fault. Second, many looking at the Calendar at the beginning of each year and taking a deep breath and saying – Thank God even this year Good Friday is on a Friday. (Transcribed from @Anchor)

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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