Last of the color, the snow will be staying soon

October 27th, 2013, 4pm

Just went outside to take a few pictures so that I have something different to write about for my Brandon Story Class. It seems so dark and grey out there now so, void of color. This is one of my last flowers in bloom in my flower bed. It has to be very hardy, it has been freezing every night for the last few weeks. If you look closely, you will see snow on the plants behind the pretty purple viola. Pretty soon, our area will be covered in the white stuff. (and I blame Wade, he mentioned the “S” word the other day, LOL) Every year around this time of year we usually get snow that will stay. It makes me sad to see my pretty flowers disappear but, it makes me happy to see my kids having fun playing in the snow.

David Wade said thanks.

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Lisa Skulmoski

Married to my wonderful husband of 14 years, mother of 2 young children. Working during the day as an Educational Assistant, going to University during the evening and a Girl Guide Sparks Leader on Wednesday nights. Not much time for much else.

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