There's something magical about being the only one up to enjoy the sunrise on a lonely stretch of beach.

March 30th, 2014, 6am

I knew the resort was called Sunrise Cove but somehow it didn’t register that the place was east-facing. I’d had a late night and didn’t expect to be up until 10am but my bladder had a different idea. Stumbling down the steps of the nipa hut we were staying in, I hastily made my way to the bathroom outside. Early morning business done, I look towards the beach and am greeted by a glorious sunrise.

I make my way towards the beach snap a quick pic and just sit. Forget work, forget bills, forget everything and just be in the moment. It’s so hard to do in the city but out here, with no one else to remind you of what you should be doing right that instant, it’s easy to let your worries wash away.

David Wade said thanks.

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Sam Rosales

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