At The Acropoliiis

May 17th, 2015, 10am

There’s an episode of Qi I love.

It’s got all my favourites. Rob Brydon, funniest man in the world and a Welshman, Bill Bailey, Dave Mitchell, Jimmy Carr… and the staples, Davies and Fry.

I lose it every time. When I got to the Acropolis, this is what I was singing.

On a more refined note, where are some of my Greek letters.

ATHENS Global citizens, lives shaped from this very spot, mingling by the Parthenon as the sun goes down on this, Democracy’s birthplace.

I left Athens wiser about the ancients.

I look at the all- seeing Owl’s eye— symbol of Athena, on the Greek euro.

I pray her powers save the Greek coin.


David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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Tanja P

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