Thrust on Faith

August 3rd, 2013, 10am

What is faith? Can it be blind? How far can you go to defend your faith? A recent controversy over Shirdi Sai Baba is interesting. Suddently a revered Hindu priest announced Sai Baba, a very popular and revered Saint, is not a Hindu and that his idols should not be worshipped. This triggered a major controversy across India with Sai followers threatening protest over the remark. Gradually, this may die down but the questions still remains unanswered. On the contrary it is turning from a question to a puzzle. Nothing can describe cops resorting to blind faith in solving the murder of a rationalist in Pune.

The matter of fact is faith is nothing but a fear factor. Humans are the biggest hypocrats and we can fool anyone including the Almighty. But at the same time, faith is also a tool that keeps the humans in leash. Those who are devoid of it becomes cannibals. Those who are fed excess faith becomes social cannibals.

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Binu Alex

Jack of all master of none. Reckless Thinker, Bad writer, Tech lover, Safe Driver in Dry Republic of Gujarat. 2 decades in print, web and radio. Unglorified tweeter. No Admirers. Unlimited Foes, Endless envy. Not to be loose shunted

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