The morning after...

October 2nd, 2013, 2pm

I’ve fallen in love three times this week.

Eight months ago, I left my partner of 7 years. Unsupportive, controlling: I had wanted to leave for years. But would I ever love anyone else? I’m so fickle, picky, who would ever meet my proverbial checklist? In my old age, who would ever be attracted to me - and not crazy? Could I ever feel this intense, deep-burning love for another?

Turns out, I can. Turns it, he is not the only one. Turns out, no one should ever stay so unhappy for so long because the world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people and you will love again.

I woke up this morning, with him sitting naked on the edge of the bed, playing the guitar. His fingers strum more magic over it’s neck than they did over my body the night before.

A piece of me crumbles. Another is reborn.

A trip to the pharmacy. A mildly awkward moment as the pharmacist, standing across the room from the counter asks “can I help you?”

A pause.

He looks around, then loudly replies : “yes. We had passionate, unprotected sex last night, and now we need the morning after pill.”

Half a dozen people are with in earshot. Their jaws drop, open wide.

I chime in: “multiple times, in fact. This morning, too.”

Shock turns to smiles. We laugh hysterically. He adds “It was great, you should’ve been there.”

The pharmacist approaches, lashing, says “I wish I could hug you guys, you just made my day. My week actually.”

We dance and twirl and dip and laugh our way down the freezer aisle in our down coats.

Cassie and Jack said thanks.

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Lindsay Caron

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