I left work tonight chasing a sunset. The sky was beautiful and I had to find the source.

January 27th, 2014, 5pm

I left work today and the sunlight was beautiful. I saw the golden rays fall across the Capitol Building so I had to follow it. I walked to the National Mall and was rewarded for my troubles through the freezing, blustery day.

The sunset was beautiful. I walked down the mall stopping to enjoy the golden hues painted across the buildings there.

I walked nearly the entire distance down to the Washington Monument before turning and heading to a metro station. I decided, despite the cold, to walk a few more blocks to the Red Line station. It would get me home without a transfer despite other closed stations.

As I walked, I passed Pennsylvania Avenue. I have never seen the White House in real life before. It’s always been framed by television screens, alien invaders or news reports.

I pulled up Maps and saw I was less than a quarter mile from in. I could have seen it if it were not for the Treasury Building blocking my view. I walked around it and was presented with the White House. The seat of power for our country. The home and office of the President.

It was fun to see it in person. The sun had gone down and it was brilliantly illuminated amid the orange glow that descends upon Washington DC at night. After lingering, gazing at this fortress of solitude, staffed by thousands, I continued on.

Craig, Cassie and Adrian said thanks.

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