Sunset pending: Be buried in silence.

July 17th, 2013, 8pm

It was 21.7°C with broken clouds. The breeze was light.

Moving is sort of the most consistent topic in my life right now. My daily ritual involves things revolving around the entire process. Arrival. Stay with newfound friends. Attempt to unwind after covering 2600 miles in four days across the country. Fail to unwind when surrounded by as many people on one crosswalk as you’ve seen during those 2600 miles. Apartment hunt for several days during 90 degree weather that you left the South to escape. Realize it’s hard to find an apartment when you don’t have a job.

Secure apartment. Be utterly grateful to Seattle residents when you realize you have a completely furnished home from “Free on Craigslist” ads. Job hunt. Job hunt. Job hunt. See friend you knew from your last job in Southern California who, by chance, moved up here because of circumstances out of everyone’s control. Buy burger you can’t afford. You listen to him tell you about Job hunt. Job hunt. Job hunt. Days pass. See friend again talk about successful Job hunt. Tell him you had successful Job hunt too. Buy burger you can afford. Walk around your neighborhood because he’s considering neighborhood too. Look down on Ballard with friend and girlfriend and be happy about life. Look up at Olympics during beautiful sunset with friend and girlfriend and be happy about life.

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Andrew Noyes

I moved around a lot, and now I'm attempting to settle. Ever pursuing education, art, and expertise.

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