December 28th, 2012, 10pm

My father, emerging from the darkness on the bottom-left corner of the picture, likes to explain me how he was forced to memorize the names of all visigothic kings at middle school. Now he makes fun of it, but I have the feeling that when he was young he didn’t like those visigothic kings at all :)

My father is walking on what it was a visigothic church around s.VI ac. Later on, the gothic Toledo Cathedral was erected on top of the remains of the old visigothic church. The rounded shadows in the picture are casted by the mudéjar arcs, built during the Al-Andalus era as an attached cloister to the cathedral.

The Toledo cathedral architecture and art is an amazing mashup of cultures and civilizations.

Christine said thanks.

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Héctor García

Photography, writing, coding, reading, traveling

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