It's a small precious world we live in

August 11th, 2013, 3pm

As I look at this picture I took this summer with my little girl at my side; it makes me think about how precious our little piece of Earth is. I ask the question, will my daughter and son be able to share this beauty with their own children? Or will it have changed? All it would take is one step to crush this beautiful scene. Food for thought…..

This picture was taken 10 steps from my camper door. This year we had a seasonal camp site at Gyles Park in Grass River Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada. (Wade you have seen some of photos already) My little girl liked to check the mushroom for fairies. They are so cute when they are young and innocent. Camping is a way my family gets away from the rat race of life. We get to slow down and enjoy each others company. Being an Educational Assistant, I get the summers off and hopefully this makes up for at least some of the time I spend doing homework the rest of the year. Camping is my oasis. I get to read a book while my kids play in the sand. Everyone wins.

To add a funny note to this pictures - A couple of days later my husband watched as a squirrel gobbled up the whole mushroom. It must have been yummy; he ate it all. I guess things change whether we want them too or not.

By the way, it is called a red top mushroom and it is edible!

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Lisa Skulmoski

Married to my wonderful husband of 14 years, mother of 2 young children. Working during the day as an Educational Assistant, going to University during the evening and a Girl Guide Sparks Leader on Wednesday nights. Not much time for much else.

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