Lunch as a time to eat and observe people

April 5th, 2014, 2pm

In my weekends, I like to go to downtown and discover different places, such as restaurants or coffee shops while I also like to observe people or just walk through the streets looking at buildings.

Likely, as the lunch time came, I went to Brooklyn Coffee Shop, a mix of café/bar/restaurant inspired in North American treats that I really like. It is located at Curitiba’s historic neighborhood called “São Francisco”.

Just in case, this neighbourhood is at a middle of a change. A variety of new entrepreneurs are moving to this region and are opening new business, such as restaurants, bars and vintage clothing stores (called here as “brechós”). In the last years, “São Francisco” was a degraded area, and home to a sort of strange people, as drug dealers, homeless, junkies, as well as dwellers and people who used to be at all bars around the area at night. Truly, it was not the safest place on Earth, I must admit. Not for a person who walks alone at night there. Although now we see more people occupying the streets, and it is quite good for safety improve.

Anyway, I took some pictures in this Café, like this one. As an observer, I am seriously thinking in carry my camera with me everytime and everywhere.

Sanna, Yiling and Christine said thanks.

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Eduardo Kolberg

I'm usually searching for the right words and images. But I guess that I will never find them. And this can be a good thing.

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