2# Our cross-country departure date is a little less than 2 weeks out, but first, some background on our mode of transportation.

May 5th, 2014, 7pm

We have a little less than 2 weeks to tie up loose ends at our respective places of work, pack what belongings will be shipped and stored for us, and plan the 4,000 mile trip that will take us to Seattle.

Part of what makes our journey meaningful for us is our mode of transportation: our camper van, Estela (not pictured above). We would like to share our camper van story with you to give an idea of how the van came to be, and the design process involved therein.


Nos queda menos de 2 semanas para terminar en nuestros trabajos, hacer las maletas y empaquetar las cosas the serán enviadas y guardadas para nosotros, y planear para el viaje de 7.000 km a Seattle.

Lo que hace que el viaje sea más significativo es nuestro modo de transporte: nuestra camper, Estela (no es la de la foto arriba). Nos gustaría compartir nuestra camper contigo para darte una idea de como se diseñó.

Christine and Shu said thanks.

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Pamela Drouin

We're documenting our cross-country move from Tampa to Seattle. The moments we encounter will be bilingual. // Estamos documentando nuestra mudanza desde Tampa a Seattle. Los momentos que pasemos serán bilingües.

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