Stott Site and the Buffalo Jump.

December 1st, 2013, 10am

The Stott site is located just minutes from Brandon, Manitoba. The Stott site was discovered in the 1940’s by owner Frank Stott, who uncovered cultural remains while digging a cellar. He recognized the importance of the site and in 1948 it was designated a provincial heritage site. In the 1950’s a archeological dig determined that the area had been inhabited since around 1000 A.D. by the Blackduck tribe. The climate would have been similar to the present day climate with extremes highs and lows in the summer and winter. This would have caused the Blackduck to use seasonal gathering techniques such as buffalo hunting as well as hunting migratory waterfowl, large and small game, and harvesting the wild berries and roots that would have grown in the area. One of the interesting things about the site is the buffalo jump. They stampeded the buffalo down the slopes of the Assiniboine river valley on to the flood plain where the animals were then killed. The site also contained evidence that large groups of people inhabited the area for extended periods of time as they stayed in the area to hunt. Evidence of ritual practices and beliefs systems were found in two burial mounds on the site. It is really neat place to visit especially after you have understanding of indigenous hunting practices. (The file that original picture I had for this segment was un-useable so I had to post this one instead)

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