My Easter started on Ash Wednesday as it once did as a young son to not so young but equally Loving and very Catholic parents...

April 23rd, 2014, 12am

It was 11°C with clouds and visibility OK. The breeze was gentle.

…may they both rest in peace!

For Lent I decided to give up my most favourite of tipples, red wine… I thought it would be easy, I held no idea as to where this journey would lead me, I thought it would be unremarkable!! Like losing one’s self in the desert for fourty days and nights… imagine it! But i knew i would write about it after, I knew i would be sitting here writing this, my account!

As each day passed I would keep a log of its passing by changing the cover photograph of my facebook page, facebook: today’s personal newspaper to keep a public account of our lives for others who may or may not be vaguely interested in it! And for us to look back…

Now i cannot recount - nor wish to - every passing moving moment or moment of folly, but i know how i feel now after the journey’s end. And i know what it is that i have found is truly amazing!

By day eleven and the first full moon during the Easter period, after a rather heavy tequila session followed by a few days knocking back the vodka’s in London, my heart was breaking as i walked along Hadleigh Road in Leigh with the moonlight raining down on me! The very same road where so many life changing moments had happened in my life: the first time i got properly drunk with school friends on vodka and orange juice and partied in the house belonging to the headmaster of the Catholic girls school; years later living in a flat at the Gabels and meeting the beautiful woman who would become one of my best friends, my ex-wife and the mother of my gorgeous ten year old son now living in France; the same road at the end of which i mistakenly sought refuge from the physical pains of loneliness! And now this very evening on the eleventh day of Lent tears were fighting their way out from my chest as the true Love i had finally found was now tearing me down inside!

This is going to take longer than expected… to be continued x

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David Jazzy Dawson

Astral Brother of Love x

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