Sunday Afternoon Silhouettes

April 27th, 2014, 4pm

On a Sunday afternoon in Kichijouji, down a crowded side street leading to Inokashira Park I came upon a quaint, Parisian-style bar & cafe. Outside, there were a number of small, round tables under parasols while the narrow interior provided 7 or 8 tables against a wall and some counter seating. An air of sophistication or at least a mature atmosphere pervaded that seemed to keep the ever more youthful crowd at Kichouji passing by. The selection of wines, international beers, cocktails, and a gourmet menu of gallette crepes and tapas including a spread of cheese and salamis certainly catered to more refined tastes. Mostly couples as well as a group of females friends were taking in the European ambience. They spoke and laughed observing an unspoken decorum—no cackling high school girls here (no offense to cackling high school girls, of course). My wife and I along with a friend sat at the counter across the small open kitchen where 3 or 4 staff danced around one another as they filled orders or prepared ingredients. Waiters dressed in black and white kept our waters glasses filled from an antique bottle, always patrolling, never allowing the customer to have to find them to ask. With a cool white wine in hand, and a breeze making its way inside from time to time, this little establishment was a welcome oasis from the weekend crowds and the early spring heat.

Christine said thanks.

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Ben Dimagmaliw

Always up to no good, but for the right reasons. I call this "Phil-anarchy."

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