I love how it gets dark early in the Winter.

December 20th, 2013, 10pm

It was 10°C with few clouds. The wind was wild.

Winter is good. Being quite the warm-blooded individual my body’s preferred climate errs on the side of cool. Short days and long evenings also have their welcoming side. There is a cosiness to the dark, an enveloping blanket which encourages you to stay put and take advantage of where you are. The gloom of a Winter’s evening offers a certain ease to impending work. Your immediate and distant environs offer less distraction to the senses. And the odds of going for a post-work dip become very long indeed.

The visual search engine that looks amazing full-screen on a 27” iMac is Niice by Chris Armstrong and Pete Hawkins.

Cassie, Christine and Maria said thanks.

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Owen McGauley

Irish gentleman. I like Rancheros.

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