Sunset (under the bridge)

April 7th, 2012, 7pm

I’d ride across the bridge from AC to Brigantine and hang out along the underpass. Watching the sun set was my favorite pastime and I never quite reconciled the beauty and peacefulness of that view with the reality that was Atlantic City, so quiet and beautiful from across the inlet. Crazy Land when riding back into it, dodging jitney buses, cabs and lost tourists in darkening streets.

This was the view when I turned to grab my bike for the ride back- the graffitied wall of the transformer box was glowing from the light of the setting sun. I usually had SOMA FM streaming as the soundtrack to my rides. Magical and surreal. How do you share that?

David Wade said thanks.

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Kinley Borden

Artist, writer. Currently a Pet Shop Boys playlist is the soundtrack to my life. I'm getting more into branding/logos and you can check that all out on my site:

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