Accra's new mall in Osu: What does that mean for one of the busiest place in Accra

October 14th, 2013, 5pm

“This is so wrong… how can they build a mall in Osu and especially on the Oxford street. ”

This was practically everybody thought when this mall was being built. Osu oxford street already has intense traffic with its narrow streets that makes it difficult for side parking. And people feared with the mall located right by the street - and with cars parking to shop on the street - the already awful traffic was going to be just unbearable.

But the designers responded well - they built an underground parking lot. And the management also did an even more important thing they made sure the underground parking lots were actually used.

Interesting points to note here I think :

Make your design ostentatious enough to attract criticism - and then answer by building an underground parking lot - and take most of the important step of all : guide the user; implement your response.

And let me clarify something: Ostentatious here means designed to impress: Simple and Emotive.

Cassie said thanks.

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Samuel Alomenu

I write. I sketch. I mull over things and I think about alternatives. @sammidelali

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