Service Animal

October 7th, 2013, 3pm

It was 13.9°C with broken clouds. The breeze was brisk.

Subject: Chloe

Breed: Golden Lab / Golden Retriever mix

Talent: Aid in the Event of Epileptic Seizures

Sometimes the rescuer needs rescuing.

Chloe’s original owner suffered from epilepsy. Chloe is a service animal trained to stay close and watch for seizures. In the event of a seizure Chloe would activate a 911 call for ambulance service, push furniture out of the way, and lie on top of her owner to prevent further injury.

As a bonus: Chloe picks up dirty clothes from the floor and drops them in the laundry hamper.

Alas, pharmacological innovation put Chloe out of a job. New anti-seizure drugs worked wonders on her owner, so much so that the owner was able to start a new life with a new job and a new home … a home in a community that didn’t allow dogs.

Fast-forward to today: Chloe is the beloved third member of my favorite family in Indiana. Now in semi-retirement, her seizure responsibilities are on hold but she still contributes to laundry patrol.

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