Thousands of people gathered to protest coal exports through the Columbia River Gorge. Hundreds kayakers, dozens of yachts, rappel team

July 1st, 2013, 12am

You should see the glory. Oh if I could only upload a photo after the fact.

Multi-level protest: by land, by sky, by sea (ok, river).

Rappellers dangling their bodies off the bridge of a major interstate freeway, 230 feet above the river, to display a sign, 30 ft in height: “Coal Oil Gas: None Shall Pass”

Creative and enormous paper mache protest art, worn on harnesses and headdresses attached to trains of people. Kayaks, yachts, party boat, house boat, sail boats, the coast guard and the county sheriff.

One belligerant right-wing news blogger. We got along well until I was forced to utilize my sarong.

Sarongs have magical powers.

This protest, unlike most I’ve attended, also had power. Perhaps, even an impact.

The culmination of the event.
Mid-day heat.
I run off the dock and jump into the river.
There, I find one other person.
He is beautiful. Greek-God Adonis beautiful. Beyond, actually.

Two days later: After singing protest songs, hiking in the gorge, scheming to summit mountains, watching kite-surf races, swimming in more rivers, drinking wine & star-gazing, he and I part ways, and he continues his journey home.

Magic happens.

Cassie said thanks.

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