When you stay alone, on the beach, what would you think?

September 14th, 2013, 3pm

I just finished my vacation in Vietnam. My first stop was a beautiful beach, Muine. I was trying to forget everything about my common life in that afternoon, such as work, family, friends. Making my brain empty, making my soul peaceful, without any emotion or feeling.

So, I fell into sleep, with sunshine, loud of the ocean, and few pieces of dream.

I think I’v got what I want, the peaceful soul and the empty me. I was the world of that unique clock. With my breathing, I came into the screen of air, the smelling of the light.

Hope you, my friends, you also can enjoy the time as same as mine in that afternoon. Standing on zero, to make sense of how far we have been.

Craig, Cassie, Laura and Lia said thanks.

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Zhiming Cao

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