The story is how each member of the community is taught to respect one’s self, with each person needing only to look at yourself and the community for the answers. The journey referred to is one of many each person will take, but with each one, one must be prepared for what might interrupted this journey. The journey is not just about me it is about what happens in your travels. There are many twists and turns that take place with each journey, requiring you to refer to what you were taught from the elders and the community in dealing with these interruptions in the journey. When these happen you have learned through teaching that people and things in life happen for a reason. Each is a lesson that must be learned whether it is good or bad they teach us what we need to know on our journey. Upon your return you have to reflect on each part of the journey in regards to what worked, what you would have required to make it a more pleasurable journey. As you dream of the journeys to come it is time to reflect with friends and relative how the last journey was leaving out things you want that will bring that stores down. In time even things you thought were not of any interest at the time, may come to you out of the blue and remind you that there were important and you just did not see it at the time. The final part of the journey of life is your passing on the knowledge that has come to you. This means sharing what you learnt with the community as to pass it on to generations to come.

Barb and David Wade said thanks.

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Mark Houle

Moved to The Pas in 1988 for a few years and never moved on.

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