I thought my winter finished yesterday

February 3rd, 2015, 2pm

It turns out Delhi is a little chillier than I was expecting. There’s a softness to the air, rather how I imagine it would feel to wander through a cloud. The coolness gently tickles and caresses the skin. It’s much more pleasant than the biting cold of London, a cold that pierced straight through to the bone in icy, angry stabs and that I was all too happy to leave behind.

So far - and I’m very aware it’s only been a day - I’ve found Delhi strangely calming; it must be the air.

As we wandered the city this afternoon my boss, my travel companion, remarked at how unperturbed I seemed to be to find myself back in India, this time facing three months ahead rather than three weeks. He seemed unsure as to whether he should be reassured or alarmed by this.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself - I’m expecting it to be a challenging three months. But for now, I’m happy to let the cool embrace of Delhi’s thick air calm me down.

I logged onto my account for the first time in six months to find this, which I had forgotten about entirely. It was nice to remember.

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