Brief Reviews: Frozen

February 22nd, 2014, 6pm

It was 5°C with broken clouds. The breeze was gentle.

If you’ve considered seeing Frozen, put aside all of the sociopolitical dialogue and just watch the movie.

It did win two Oscars, in animation and music, and let’s face it, Disney is king in both. (It’s strange to be assessing nominees who have won or lost now…) Frozen is, at it’s heart, meant to be a heartwarming tale of the love between two sisters, but with all this talk of the Bechdel test lately, everyone cares more about the fact that it’s got two female characters and a theme around love in it. The reality is (and I have been repeatedly reminded of this), it is a childrens’ movie, aimed at children who generally have a different threshold of observation and nuance, and who care about different themes in their movies.

That said, I can’t get ‘Let it Go’ out of my head, and the animation in the corresponding scene (above) is, I wager, exactly why the golden statues were given for these two aspects of the film. There are plenty of things I would change, and lots of things I could argue about, but Frozen isn’t a movie made for me with my judgy eyes and Oscar-minded pretentiousness.

Kids (and many parents, and the Oscar judges) loved it. Give credit where it’s due, and add it to your Disney library.

Emanuel, Christine and David Wade said thanks.

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