Snowflakes taste like burnt tears.

January 25th, 2013, 12pm

I’m sure you have heard the poems, read the stories, heard the people talking of snow. You probably dream of white wonderlands and angel like snowflakes falling on your front lawn. The little white crystals are presented as magical things, each one different in their own way. Each one soft and fluttery, peaceful. To me, snowflakes taste like burnt tears, like death and sadness, like raw fire burning down a magnificent city. They fall upon flower beds and grassy meadows, killing off gentle springy plants.They freeze your heart and burn your skin, slowly and painfully. Snowflakes fall upon us, killing life and turning our colorful world into a plain, painful white. Why do you think little innocent animals run in fear from the snowflakes? They are a sign of cold, heartless death slowly creeping into our world right before our eyes. The sun and warmth hides away, our helpless minds are tricked into loving the snowflakes, so beautiful, we think. While every other creature runs in fear, we enjoy the small white killers. Snowflakes taste like burnt tears, sad and painful, right under our eyes.


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Cody Rendon

Writing tastes like sharp spices of expression and nerve in a boiling hot stew.

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