Who is your Idol?

October 15th, 2015, 3pm

It was 40°C with nil significant cloud. The breeze was light.

People make living and dead people their idols. It ranges from film stars to social activists to political leaders to scientists. One of my close friends recently shared who his idol was. He wrote to me on a Facebook Post : Today I am reminded of my idol Dr Kalam who was at ease with Rocket science, missile technology, nuclear science, engineering etc, while reading Quran, Bible, Geeta, Vedic scriptures on daily basis. He was comfortable in a discussion with spiritual leaders of all faith. At the same time he was approachable to even a small toddler. That’s how true learned scholars live their lives.

I simply replied to him : Well, I wont argue with you on such a great person who had to read Bible, Geeta daily apart from Quran to prove his nationalism.

But the fact is that I also have an idol.

My idol is that unknown person whose rights I have encroached, who toils under hot sun, chilling cold so that i can sit in an AC, who cultivates food for me but cant feed his own family. I dont know him but I will advocate for him at any cost.

Yes, it is not fashionable to do this because I cant share his photos on my social network, I dont have great quotes from him, he cant read any scriptures and in fact he is so illiterate that he cant even read a newspaper. But I am proud to have him as my idol.

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Binu Alex

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