The Pen That Shaped Me

January 3rd, 2014, 3pm

For the last 37 years, I have been using this pen. This was gifted to me by my uncle who otherwise had no business with this pen since his education ceased before matriculation. He must have thought the pen will last for a month or so as children are not used to preserving anything leave alone pens.

But to his disbelief, I still use the same pen even today. All I have to do is to refill it every 15 days. Though its utility is now limited to mere signatures, its value is no less than its weight in Gold. But what I feel pity is that technology has completely destroyed handwriting skills. You don’t need to use pens after a certain period of time in your life. It is a boon or bane is something worth a debate. But as we progress towards modernization, there is something that still is done the old way – Remembering your childhood.

Christine and Cyril said thanks.

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Binu Alex

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