My friend, the Vairocana Buddha

April 2nd, 2014, 3pm

It was 22°C with scattered clouds. There was moderate breeze.

The one and only Vairocana Buddha: a 13-centuries-old dude “that shines throughout the world like the sun,” cast first from bronze and plated with gold, and the chief recipient of worship from Japan’s Kegon Buddhists.

On this first of our trips to Nara, one of Japan’s ancient capitols, this guy blessed our journey with express trains, pleasant weather, not too many nips from the deer whose diet must consist entirely of shika sembei, savory-sweet Wasakusa curry (a must-eat if you can get it), and a “best luck” omikuji. The Buddha and his none-too-enthused Shinto priest inform me:

“1) It is a time for you to win honor. Do not be silly enough to shoot an arrow into air for nothing, or your honor will come down to earth.

2) Your trade is profitable.

3) It is recommended that you take a travel.

4) A thing you have lost will be found soon, and

5) For a competition, you will win.”

Yes. The Vairocana Buddha is my friend.

Christine, Ragini and Louie said thanks.

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