"There is nothing worse than a waste of talent." 20 years later my best friend's father's words still haunt me. I do not want to disappoint.

March 26th, 2014, 10pm

It was -2.2°C. The breeze was brisk.

When I was a senior in art school I got engaged. I was 22. Instead of congratulations my professor looked squarely into my eyes and asked, “Will you ever create art again?”

I thought his question was ridiculous. Surely I could be married and live an artists’ life. Turns out maybe he knew something I didn’t.

For the next eleven years I did not make art. Once in awhile I would pick up my sketchbook and locate an object in the house to draw. Maybe a banana or a plant… I couldn’t be bothered to find inspiration. The demands of mothering, working, and being a wife were too great.

Things are different now. I find that I must create. It is essential to who I am and always have been. Life’s responsibilities have not eased. I have. I allow myself permission to make art without guilt. I can no longer deny this part of me.

Instead of bananas and plants I draw birds. And whatever else I happen to feel like.

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Crystal Sullivan

Art ~ Photography & Storytelling. Living a simple, beautiful life in Northern New England

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