Power of Registration Plates

March 6th, 2014, 10am

If you are in India you are unlikely to miss these terminologies that don the cars in front of you or in your neighbourhoods. How many times have you thought you should also put something like this?

God is Great

Govt of Goga

Govt of India

Govt of Gujarat

President - Anti Corruption Cell

Secretary Nagar Palika



These are some glorified text you can see all across India. Some are funny while some are seriously funny. What a person working in Government of India or Government of Gujarat office do is to first inscribe the govt of India or Gujarat red coloured sticker to their car. People who do not remotely belong to any media puts Press with utmost impunity. But the most prevalent is Anti Corruption Cells that have sprung up from no where only to serve these registration plates.

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Binu Alex

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