Working draft.

December 4th, 2013, 8pm

It was 7.8°C. The wind was light.


Note: Wrote this today as a sort of freewrite for Working Draft, a little club started by a friend from 826 Valencia. We invaded the tutoring center late at night and everyone got to work. Originally just planned to put this on my blog, but it seemed fun for Hi. ;)

Writers in SF, if you need a couple of hours to come out and write, join us next time! (Let me know.) It’s twice a month, around 8-11pm at 826 Valencia. :)

Also: Aah these borders!

Angharad, Dominique, Yiling, Chloe and 66 others said thanks.

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Christine Herrin

Designer. History major. Memory keeper, paper hoarder, frequent flyer.

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