The man dances alone

January 1st, 2004, 12am

In a lonely neighbourhood festival celebrating the Tori-no-ichi, a man dances for good fortune and successful business. A tradition extending from Edo Tokyo, it is a pleasant reminder of a rich history.

The humble shrine is transformed with lanterns, food stalls and benches and it is full of people both young and old. Albeit a small gathering, it is a reminder of the significance of such public/spiritual buildings.

Surprisingly the man’s actions feel normal, natural and relevant. The presence of history here is just that. Rather than feeling shocked, nostalgic or in fear of what may be lost, the audience are simply enjoying themselves.

People buy charms, people clap, people chat, people pray, people sing, people eat, people sit, people watch, people drink and people reflect. Without any godly overtones or commercial agenda, the people of this neighbourhood are having fun.

David Wade, Kanako and Craig said thanks.

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