Myriad conflicting feelings about the morning breakfast table. So many electronic devices and then, the photo snapped with another.

September 25th, 2013, 7am

It was 19°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

The entire family is together. Each person chose their own healthy breakfast — hot or cold cereal. Coffee - two different types (drip and press), green tea. Two MacBooks, an iPad, and an HTC smart phone. iPhone used to snap the photo.

reddit on one device, feedly on two others, and email/web browser (pointed to online NYTimes).

And to boot, there is the New Yorker — a new addition to the print world. We stopped the NYTimes, then The Atlantic to pick up the one print magazine allowed in the house (recycling). The cover references Breaking Bad - a TV show watched by all of us - as well as the “Syria situation” - followed more or less deeply by all of us.

Lactose free milk needed by one in the house. A coffee cup that reads Wake Up! from a buddhist online shop (coffee and meditation!?). Another coffee cup given as a token of NPR’s appreciation. A third visible cup from an Art in the Park artist in Appleton WI.

The table homemade by man of house and his brother. His brother in a wheel chair made the table high enough to sit in his chair, so those under 6’5” (the two women in the house) feel a bit like children sitting at the adult table. Solid table nonetheless and a reference to a making/bonding experience between the two brothers.

Life in the ‘burbs with so much stuff, referencing so many lived and at a distance experiences.

John, Lia and David Wade said thanks.

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