on turning 31.

November 19th, 2013, 9am

It was 6.7°C with few clouds. There was moderate breeze.

It took me a while to remember how it was like last year when I shared my 30th birthday with you. A little panicked by the blank that my memory drew - a long loading bar of white fog, I was searching my ephemeral data base of thoughts and memories to recall where I was.

This year was one of the hardest year so far. Every year was particularly difficult - we all have our struggles. But this year, 2013, was spectacularly chaotic.

In less than two weeks, my daughter (at the time she was 1 year old) and I moved everything to New York to follow my husband. It was an exciting time as I was counting the days until I would be able to go back to NYC with them.

NYC with a toddler. Finding a daycare. Trying to fit in. Getting fired. Creating and giving myself a VISA and starting a career. Finding an acupuncture doctor. Moving again to a rat free / flood free apartment. Catching the farmers markets. Cooking and eating well. Being the auberge espagnole of the entire world visiting New York (we hosted over 50 visitors this summer alone). Losing hope. Crying. Getting up, dusting myself and trying again. Incorporating. Focusing. Playing. Building.

I’m looking forward for the next year. Bring it on 31. I’m ready.

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celine semaan vernon

Advocate of the Open Web. Designer. Mom. Experimental anthropologist. Founder of the science-fashion label @slowfactory_ Founder of Le Design Team a Design Studio in Brooklyn helping organizations achieve their goals by optimizing their processes and empowering them with tools to keep innovating. http://ledesignteam.com Alien of extraordinary abilities living in New York

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