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February 15th, 2014, 7pm

For some reason, this snow-covered bicycle, chained to a signpost and probably untouched for weeks, appeared to me purposefully situated in place. On its side, the front wheel twisted up in the air, the rest of the frame perpendicular to the sidewalk, it looked like a sculpture dutifully covered in wet, white powder. It looked fake.

Seeing it there, seemingly by design, I imagined some artist in a long wool coat, quieted by the snow, finding the bicycle standing and, seeing possibility everywhere, twisting the handlebars until it fell to the ground in just the right way to capture the early blanketing of snowfall.

I’m sure someone already accidentally kicked the tire and disrupted the snow that caked the frame so evenly, but before that it exuded the same sense of contrast to its environment, or one-ness with it, that any well-made sculpture might.

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Greg James Donahue

journalist, filmmaker

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