First time @ La Gaité Lyrique for the Designer Days, first talk by @cpalmieri explaining what is, first sketch on my part. Do you see Chris ?

May 22nd, 2014, 5pm

DesignerDays in Paris. Some sort of yearly event where designers meet and talk, from what I heard. A friend told me to come this afternoon to listen to a panel about “Connected devices and design”.
Chris Palmieri started the panel and told the crowd about - and as I do when people talk about their web projects, I sign up at the same time. And since Chris told is to store & share moments, impressions, quick bits, and come back later, I gave it a try. And I give it a try, extending my moment and thinking about the “embed” feeling that tries to give me.

First my quick moment; then Shu (a user) thanked me 5 minutes afterwards. Then Christine, 1/2 hour later, asks me to expand the moment.

Then I walk around the interface, and discover the Welcome committee - such a wonderful idea, where anyone can become a welcoming party - giving an user the immediate feeling of being part of the community.

Very nice experience - Chris has finished, other designers keep talking on the panel, I keep looking around, and I’ve already jumped the hurdle of feeling myself a member.

For that, bravo, Hi team !

Shu, Vivien, Adrian, Christine and 7 others said thanks.

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