Best awakening view ever.

January 6th, 2009, 4am

I was on a flight to Narita, Japan, and the aircraft had left the tarmac of London Heathrow for several hours. After a long and quite uncomfortable nap, I woke up and had a look on the screen on the seat in front of me, in order to check where the plane was situated on its route to Japan. The map on the screen showed me a little pixelated plane moving twitchy and slowly somewhere over the vastness of Russia.

Nearly all the blinds of all the windows were closed and most of the passengers were still sleeping. The interior of the plane was dark and quiet. The buzzing which results from the friction between the aircraft and the outside surrounding air was the only sound which was breaking the silence.

As I was sit next to a window, I decided to have a look on the outside. While I was slowly lifting up the blind, a soft and bluish light started to show up.

Once the blind was fully lifted up, the view that was offered to me was mind-blowing. The dawn light at 10,000 meters above the ground was drawing shadows all over the grey and snowy moutainous landscape. As I just woke up a few seconds before, I was still in a fog when I discovered this piece of art, so it added more magic to the situation. I took out my camera to immortalize the scene, and here is the result. Best awakening view ever.

NB: the location of the photo I pointed out on the map is a bit approximative.

Ragini, Héctor, abn and Lia said thanks.

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