Something about being ready when the right moment comes.

July 19th, 2014, 11pm

We have a street here in my town, which is closed to cars. So only pedestrians can walk on it. Actually, it’s the main place to walk in downtown.

In this street, there are a lot of clothes stores, as well as old bars and restaurants where people can sit and have a beer while see others walking in a hurry.

In a specific part of this street, every saturday there is a man, dressed as a clown, who make jokes and scares people that walks there. The funny thing is that everyone who knows this man usually avoid him, walking through the sides of the street, and only the ones who doesn’t know him walks in the middle, because it is where this man dressed like a clown acts.

Besides, is very funny stop a little bit and watch him, as I did before this photograph. I was with my camera set up, and I just pressed the shutter button when the moment came. The thing that I discovered after editing is that some people sat there was looking directly at this guy, so I think that this is also a point that increased the interest to this photo.

So, do you like street artists? I think that they bring more happiness and animation to the street.

Christine, Shu and Daniel said thanks.

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Eduardo Kolberg

I'm usually searching for the right words and images. But I guess that I will never find them. And this can be a good thing.

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