Heavy Metal Heart Nostalgia

April 2nd, 2014, 5pm

Walking home from work today this poster of the Hell & Heaven Fest caught my eye, it was supposed to take place last month.

I’m not into Metal but I do believe anyone who has the chance to catch KISS live should definitely take it. Seeing this poster there half torn only made me think of the fans who missed out on seeing a lot of their favourite bands. I ran into a huge fan of Korn last week at a party & he was beyond pissed about the fact that the government shut down what may have been the greatest Metal Festival ever in Latin America.

It’s a shame that the causes for shutting down this massive event still aren’t clear enough for everyone to be content about the decisions made surrounding the event.

Earlier this year I shared the same sunken feeling when I found out The Ataris would play a show here in the city, that same day a friend let me know the event had been cancelled along with another tour date at Hey Oh! Festival. Hey Oh! Festival was set to take place in Guadalajara, but the organisers did not follow through on their agreements with the bands & they all cancelled.

Apparently something similar happened with Kanye West & let me tell you that did definitely break my Hip-Hop Auto-Tuned heart.

Hell & Heaven Fest was not an unorganised amateur committee. On the contrary they had months, if not years, of hard work behind them with high-end production teams who were in on putting together the one event which ultimately resulted in a controversial reminder that we may still be living in a country led by people who (like in the 70s) are still afraid that the masses may rebel and cause chaos with the spark of a simple but strong “¡Chingue su madre el que no cante!” (Fuck you if you ain’t singing).

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Priscila Princigalli

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