Mimis – ‘The Source of Eyeglasses’

October 14th, 2015, 10am

Countless pairs of vintage glasses in all shapes and colors hang like some butterfly colony from the walls of this tiny corner shop in the center which stands here practically unchanged since 1962. Mimis, the original owner would make the frames himself according to the trends of the time and he was a true craftsman, judging from the results. Nowadays, his son-in-law, who first picked up on the vintage trend about five years ago, sells the original frames with new lenses but also makes new frames using the original molds. One of the pairs he brought back to life and has been popular in the shop for the past three years is the 1930’s “Cavafy” pair named after the famous Greek poet of “Ithaca” Constantine P. Cavafy who wore a similar pair.

Kaniggos 1, Open: Mon-Wed-Sat: 9-16, Tue-Thu-Fri: 9-20.30

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Maria Coveou

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